Monday, December 24, 2012

Twins of Faith Family Festival presents ZONE X: FOR YOUTH ONLY!

Twins of Faith Family Festival presents ZONE X: FOR YOUTH ONLY!

Come and SKATE FOR FAITH at ZONE X @ Twins of Faith Malaysia!!

Get ready to get pumped for the awesome SKATEBOARDING activities and prizes that await you!

* sharing sessions with speakers & performers from Twins of Faith and special guests!
* fingerboarding competition
* skateboarding competition (open and intermediate)
* best skate video awards - terms and conditions apply (see below)
* mini ramp (open to public)
* skateboarding demos by pro skaters
* skate video screenings
* PS3 skateboarding games

* Indoor, fully air-conditioned room
* All-weather skateable park
* New obstacle skate park by The G-Hard
* Skate for a cause - all proceeds will go back into Mercy Mission's social/charitable activities
* Skate demos by local pro skaters - TK, Aliff Suhaimi, G Joy, Akyb Affandi
* Mini ramp for public
* Sharing sessions after each prayer break - to introduce brotherhood and address any questions regarding Islam
* Huge projector for screenings
* PS3 games

Skate comp for OPEN: 1st - RM700 | 2nd - RM500 | 3rd - RM300
Skate com for INTERMEDIATE: 1st - RM300 | 2nd - RM200 | 3rd - RM100

Terms & conditions:
*No musical instruments allowed in making of video. Makes for increased creativity. Yes?
*Video will be showed on huge projector screen throughout the day
*Winner will receive trophy

* RM20 (above 12) / RM10 (below 12) registration fee for skateboarding competition
*free entrance (for those with Twins of Faith tickets)
*please adhere to Islamic dress code (Tutup aurat ye...)

This Zone is in collaboration with #skatemalaysia, the G-hard & Continuity Skateboards. Don't miss out this opportunity to meet legendary skateboarder, Johary Fitry (Joe Ipoh) and his brother, Boy Ipoh.

P: Joe Ipoh: +6017 244 8521

Event page on FB 

****All ticket prices REDUCED!! Due to an official sponsor coming onboard, Mercy Mission is happy to announce that all Twins of Faith 2012 ticket prices have been slashed! New prices: Adult Ticket: RM200. Children: RM75. All disabled people and New Muslims who have embraced Islam less than one year get FREE entrance!  *****


Skate Rock and Roller Music Fest 2012

Non Stop Music Fest ,30 music band from local and overseas .Like Bands ..
Heart A Tack ,Classmates,Stubborn,Handle With Care,Get em up,TIM,Carbon14,Johny come Lately,Boulevard ,Recreate,Thy Regiment,Rebel Scum,Black Territory
This Free Entrance !!
Click here for more info :
Can call Khai at :

Thursday, December 20, 2012


The specs 
While specs are not something that we tend to look for with a mobile phone case — in this instance, we suspect they will apply. For example, the case has been tested to Military Specifications MIL-STD-810F-516.5 for shock and impact protection and it also has a full IP-68 rating against water and dust. Also worth noting, the case weighs 28 grams (less than one ounce). Some additional specs include the following; Operational depth to 6.6 feet. Drop height to 6.6 feet. Temperature range of -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Probably a bit more specific to a persons daily use and needs, the Lifeproof case will protect you against just about anything from minute dust particles to a fully submerged device. For me this means that I can go to the beach or go camping or out running without having to worry about my phone getting stuck in the sand or getting caught in the rain. And in addition to the case being fully sealed, it also ships with a headphone adapter for the times when you need and/or want headphones.

My thoughts 
 In terms of the drops as that is something that is bound to happen from time to time and as much as I hate saying this because it probably means it will happen soon, but I have not dropped my iPhone since I have begun using the Lifeproof. In this respect, I am going to have to trust the specs and take the word that it can handle a drop up to 6.6 feet. Aside from my running, camping and beach experience, a few other situations that I can think of the Lifeproof case coming in handy includes work related (construction sites), riding and maybe off-roading. The folks at Life Proof also note that the case would be good for other items such as surfing and singing in the shower. I have been using the Lifeproof case in black. Nothing all that exciting about that color, however there are other options available such as pink, purple and white. And for those wondering what you can expect to pay for this kind of protection. Otherwise, I can say that the case is easy to put on and also, easy to take off. One word of caution, make sure the case is sealed well to make sure you have the proper protection. The case has a good feel, and by that it means that it doesn’t seem to get sticky or slippery when in your pocket or hand or even when it is wet. The case also does not seem to add lots of extra bulk or weight (thanks to that 28 gram weight).